Prepare for the Future with Forward-Facing Finance

You need to be prepared for the highs and lows of operating your business—and the right cash flow forecasting is the only way to get there. You can’t get there without the right financial data, appropriate delegation, and requisite resources. Whether you already have a CFO or not, your team could likely benefit from additional resources and team augmentation around financial planning and analysis.

This is where AmpliFi comes in. Using past performance, goals, and revenue as inputs, we’ll help you make the decisions that improve profitability, without bloated financial forecasting consulting methods or the classic fractional CFO who doesn’t have the capacity to offer the full FP&A you would receive from AmpliFi.

Identify what’s costing you—then make the forecasting decisions that move you forward

A cornerstone of our forward-looking finance strategy, our forecasting cash flow services take your current and past performance to predict outcomes and help you maximize profits. By tracking your organization’s progress, our team will create models that identify the biggest areas of growth while also ensuring you are capable of responding to unexpected events.

If your business’s decisions are being made solely based on backward-looking accounting information, it’s time to integrate financial forecasting consulting services that can push your company toward new levels of growth.

Unlock potential with accurate cash flow forecasting

Here are some key ways AmpliFi can help grow your business with our financial planning and analysis services:

  • Identifying key revenue and cost drivers to inform models and budgets
  • Developing benchmarks to keep track of progress across the entire organization
  • Ensuring stability by developing thorough revenue forecasts
  • Providing reports and dashboards that prioritize forward-looking financials


Are you still making financial decisions by looking in the rearview? You need to shift to forward-facing finance. With AmpliFi as a copilot, you can look forward to a successful future with confidence and clarity.