Understanding Your Challenges

Most companies only leverage traditional accounting methods and end up allocating the same resources to the same business units only to repeat it the next year. This habit makes it difficult to achieve strategic goals. AmpliFi understands how to overcome the resource-allocation rut. Accounting looks backward. Finance looks forward. Don’t get caught trying to retroactively solve problems or drive your decisions based on historical information. Forward looking finance can link your vision to activities that matter.

Data Driven Process That Frees You To Focus On What Matters

AmpliFi’s financial and strategic experts help CEOs gain discipline and clarity. Our team improves capital investment, reporting and sourcing so CEOs can be free from the day-to-day and focus on building their vision.

Why Capital Allocation Matters

Capital Allocation is the practice of determining where to invest based entirely on your vision and corporate goals. It’s the backbone of financial success. Companies that focus their earned or invested capital across multiple business units at a relatively high pace generate a higher return over companies with fixed resource allocation strategies.

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How Business Capital Management Works

To allocate capital, leaders need to be informed. Our core services deliver everything a CEO needs to manage the business’ capital. We take everything we learn about your vision, pool every available data source, establish your financial allocation plan, then implement it in our proprietary dashboard and financial modeling system.

This system not only provides clarity for investment, but helps eliminate unnecessary expenditures, and provides clarity for prioritizing initiatives.

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AmpliFi’s spectrum of Business Capital Management services enable you to manage with real data that matters.

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