We offer six core solutions that look at business finance differently.

Our core solutions are available à la carte to meet the specific needs of each business. For qualified businesses, we combine all of these solutions in our premier Business Capital Management package. AmpliFi’s Business Capital Management consists of five centers of excellence. Talk to our team to learn what set of solutions work for you.

1. Financial Planning & Analysis
2. Performance Management
3. Strategy Management
4. Corporate Finance
5. Analytics
6. Outsourced CFO Services

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Financial Forecast Consulting

Make informed decisions with confidence. Predict events by forecasting cash flow outcomes based on your current business drivers and spending.

  • Models and budgets that identify key revenue and cost drivers
  • Reporting that includes forward-looking financials
  • Resources to build future financials
  • Benchmarking to track progress across the organization
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Structure & Visibility

Help your team stay productive with clearly defined activities, continuous feedback, goal tracking, and ongoing reviews.

  • Managerial P&L reporting
  • Structure meeting cadence around decisions
  • Reports that enable key decisions
  • Link key decisions to long-term financials
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Organizational Alignment

Set objectives, analyze competitors, analyze internal operations, evaluate strategies, and ensure management, strategies and budgets are aligned.

  • Identify and manage competitive advantages
  • Analyze and document external environment
  • Ensure Capital Allocation aligns with strategy
  • Align the organization’s activity with strategy
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Consulting on Deal Management

Understand sources of funding, the capital structure of your business and the actions needed to increase the value of the firm to potential shareholders.

  • Manage and negotiate strategic transactions
  • Create story and deal collateral
  • Organize data room
  • Identify potential capital partners
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Tech-enhanced financial insight and strategy

It’s like having a world-class CFO right in your office—except it’s more than that. Navigate complexity with tech-enhanced solutions that create sustainable growth for your business.

  • Access proprietary tech-enhanced reporting and analytics
  • Support Forward-focused capital allocation
  • Align strategy and decision-making
  • Customize services to fit your budget
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Operational Understanding

Data analysis is at the root of everything we do. No matter which service you’re utilizing, or which aspect of your business we’re touching, analytics is the backbone of how we deliver results. For each client, we provide:


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AmpliFi’s spectrum of Business Capital Management services enable you to manage with real data that matters.

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